Alternative Fuel Research Lab

This is a research lab equipped with many sophisticated equipments and accessories for testing fuel quality, engine performance, emission and combustion characteristics using liquid and gaseous fuel in single or dual fuel mode and the performance of solar engineering equipments. In this laboratory best quality equipments installed to do quality research work in the field of alternative fuel, I.C Engine and solar energy. This is one of the best laboratories in this region of our country. In this laboratory we have down draft type wood gasifier, dual fuel engine set up with combustion analysis attachment, variable compression ratio multi-fuel engine with combustion analysis attachment, multi-gas analyser, smoke meter, gas chromatograph, solar dryer, solar cooker, PV module with load testing attachment, kinematic viscometer, cloud and pour point apparatus, flash and fire point apparatus, mini biodiesel reactor, hydrometer, hygrometer, acid value testing apparatus etc. At present we are doing research to use different fuels like biogas, producer gas, hydrogen, biofuels along with petrol or diesel in SI or CI engine for improvement of engine efficiency by utilising the waste energy with little modification. Also the research is going on hybrid engine utilising alternative fuel and solar energy to minimise the fossil fuel requirement and reduce emission.

Our PhD, M. Tech and B. Tech students are working in this laboratory for different work mentioned above to fulfil their project and curriculum work. As this is a new laboratory the addition of equipment and work is always continuing from time to time.