Biomics And Biodiversity Lab

Understanding the challenges underneath, the existing wide range of metabolic and genetic diversity of biological resources of Odisha due to presence of all ten diverse agro-climatic zones in it, has been the focus interest of this laboratory. Molecular profiling of plants using genetic markers RAPD/SSR/ISSR has been done to understand the extent of genetic diversity existing among different cultivars of gingerin 10 agro-climatic zones of Odisha and cultivar identification through genomic analysis using sequence based genetic markers (MATK, ITS, RBCL etc) has been attempted. In vitro techniques established aiming at sustainable biodiversity conservation.Phytochemical analysis (Phytochemomics) and in vitro, in vivo bioactivity study (anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic) of economically important plants (lemongrass, tulsi, ginger, turmeric, kaempferia etc) has been successfully attempted.

Functional genomics of thermophilic bacterial resources of Odisha through cultivable and non-cultivable means (Metagenomics) targeting identification industrially important enzymes; lipase, xylanase, cellulase and the genes responsible for them is done in our laboratory through molecular cloning and expression analysis of enzyme producing clones by constructing metagenomic library and attempt are taken to establish the thermophilic bacterial biodiversity of thermophilic ponds.