Cell Culture Lab

This lab is engaged in development of antibody based diagnostic kit for detection of plant and human diseases.

Human based diagnostic kit will enable to detect the malaria (P. falciparum and P. vivax) infection from urine and saliva of the patient. Till now, no work has been carried out or reported for development of diagnostic kit to detect malaria from urine and saliva of malaria patient. This kit will provide a non-invasive approach in protection of special high-risk groups of children, pregnant women and delaying of development of resistance and epidemiological studies of malaria in India and this has enough significance.

Plant based diagnostic kit will enable us to detect the fungal pathogens (Pythium and Fusarium species) causing rhizome rot in turmeric and ginger at very early stage of development even before the appearance of visible symptoms and thus would be very useful for boostingproduction.