Centre for Rural and Tribal Development

Centre of rural and tribal development, established in the year 2011, with the aim to improve the quality of life of rural and tribal community of Odisha, has taken efforts to identify social needs and to adopt new science and technology based solutions by social-engineering of youth through capacity building (providing training on new science and technology) on various means of bringing change in health, education and living conditions as well as alternate income generation avenues of the community.
Centre has been taking all efforts under the leadership of Center of Biotechnology of our University to mobilize the community for capacity building through awareness campaign, training and developing entrepreneurship skills on alternate income generating avenues like; production of value added products from powder, oleoresin and essential oil from turmeric, ginger and Kaempferia etc. Special initiatives are taken to establish market tie-up with functionaries of Govt. of Odisha for marketing of products, which leads towards sustainability of the present endeavor. ‘Chhatabar Grampanchayat’ consisting of 7 villages with around 10,000 people, majority of which are Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes was/has been taken as prototype to make the concept of livelihood generation operational.