Image and Video Analysis Lab

Image and Video Analysis research laboratory was established inJanuary 2013topromote research activities in the frontier areas ofImage and Video processing. In this lab, wethe faculty members and students strive to address the following research problems; (i) Under Water Object Detection and tracking using Markov Random Field Model (MRF) and EM algorithm, (ii) Video Object detection and tracking using Conditional Random Field (CRF) Models and Linear Binary Pattern (LBP) based Background modeling for separation of foreground objects, (iii) Granular Computing based image-segmentation, (iv) Brain MR Image segmentation using Fuzzy Clustering, (v) Multi-modal (CT and MR) image registration,  and (vi) Rate control in wireless sensor network. Currently there are 7 Ph.D.  students and 2 M.Tech. Students working on different problems related to above mentioned research issues. Besides, two more research scholars willregister in this session. Two of the research scholars are full-time and others are faculty members of the university.

There are 15 SCOPUS indexed publications from the lab besides two books and two book chapters. Currently, 5 more papers have been communicated for possible publication.  Prof. P. K. Nanda, Dean (R&D) of this university leads the labassisted by Prof. Niva Das, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan. This lab has collaboration with the “Center for Soft Computing, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Kolkata, India. Prof. Ashish Ghosh, In-Charge of the center is the collaborator from ISI Kolkata.

The research on computer vision has gained momentum because of synergy of research across different disciplines. Many real world problems are complex and have been address in computer vision paradigm. The list could be long one but few of them are object detection and recognition, tracking of video objects, analysis of video objects, motion estimation, video transmission over wireless sensor network, mobile health monitoring etc. Robot vision has been playing a major role for quite some time. As a precursor to computer vision, image analysis is pivotal to many complex issues. Some of the important applications are in Biomedical image analysis, specifically Brain MR Image segmentation, Biomedical Image Registration etc. This laboratory focuses on the following research area Under water tracking of objects video, Object detection using CRF model, Brain MR Image Analysis using Fuzzy Clustering, Multi modal image registration with uncertainty, Granular computing based image segmentation, Video rate control over wireless sensor network and Energy efficient routing in wireless sensor network.

The laboratory is equipped with computing facility in Linus environment and Machine Vision System of NI make. Eight PhD students, four masters, five faculty members carry their research work.