Multi Disciplinary Research Centre

The Multidisciplinary Research Cell established at the Siksha 'O' Anusandhan  to promote research and consultancy has undertaken the following activities during the above referral period. Professor P.K. Dash, D.Sc., Ph.D., FNAE, LSMIEEEis heading the centre for research and consultancy and Professor P.K. Nanda (Electronics and Telecommunications) and Prof. P.K. Rout (Electrical and Electronics) are also attached to the Centre.The Centre has established three laboratories for undertaking research activities in the broad areas of Electrical and Computer Sciences.

The outcome of research, besides delving deep into the understanding of the phenomenon of nature, should address a wide variety of issues faced by humanity in the real world. The real world problems are quite complex and requires convergence of expertise drawn from different disciplines or structural barriers. Hence, in recent years there has been a paradigm shift in the research focus from individual disciplines to the multidisciplinary domain.

AtSiksha 'O' Anusandhan  it has been the aim to address different issues which are multidisciplinary in nature and as a result a Multi Disciplinary Research (MDR) Cell was established in August 2009. Currently, research works are being carried out in the following areas in MDR Cell.

  1. Micro / Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS / NEMS)
  2. Energy Systems: Digital Protection of Power Networks,
  3. Micro & Smart Grid Control and Protection of Grid connected.
  4. Wind and Solar Energy Conversion Control.
  5. Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis
  6. Embedded Systems Design
  7. Nano technology for targeted drug delivery system.
  8. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  9. Data Mining Studies
  10. Solar and Wind energy forecasting.
  11. Vibration Analysis and Structural Health Monitoring

Collaborative projects with Industry and Institutes are also on the anvil. The MDR Cell functions under the supervision of Prof. P.K. Dash, Director of Research and Consultancy of SOA & an eminent academician and former Professor of NIT, Rourkela and Visiting Professor in several USA and Canadian Universities, National Universities of Singapore, University of Telecom, Malaysia.

A Research and Development (R & D) Cell has been established in 2009 to reinforce the research activities in the Institute. The Cell consists of active researchers from all the departments under the Chairmanship of Professor P. K. Dash.

  • To promote research activities and monitor the quality of research work.
  • Encourage faculty members to carry out research through sponsored projects in different areas.
  • To organize workshops / seminars / symposia /conferences to keep pace with the recent advances and cutting edge technology.
  • Institute Plenary Lecture Series has been introduced where eminent researchers and scientists from our country and abroad would be invited to share their expertise and motivate the students and staff members.
  • This Cell also encourages and urges faculty members and students to pursue their Ph.D. programme.

Currently, 204 numbers of Ph.D. scholars are continuing their research in the university and as many as 91 candidates in faculty of engineering & technology are pursuing their research work for Ph.D.

A strong emphasis has been given to the post-graduate and research programme.Currently in the institute, the research activities in the following area have been initiated and developments of exclusive research laboratories are on the anvil :

Video Object Detection And Tracking, Visual Surveillance: The prime objective is to detect video objects in both outdoor and indoor environments. Both slow and fast moving single and multiple object detection schemes have been developed. Tracking objects is intended for visual surveillance. A group of faculty members and few research scholars are working in this scheme. The objective is to develop a real time object tracker. The Principal investigator of the team is Prof. P. K. Nanda, Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Digital Protection of Power Networks, Micro-Smart grid etc.: Digital Protection of Power Networks using DSP and FFGA; Micro grid analysis: This team is headed by Prof. P.K. Dash, Director of Research, SOA , Dr. P.K. Rout and other research scholars are also involved. The team has a strong base at national and international levels. During the year 2010-2016 (May) 137    journal papers have been published from the MDR Cell in prestigious journals like IEEE, IET, Elsevier Science, Wiley and Springer, etc. Several Ph.D. and Master projects have been completed in the Centre.  Among the achievements of MDRC, 14 Ph.D.s (registered under SOA) have completed during 2015-2016 under the supervision of Prof. P.K. Dash, out of which 10 have been already awarded and 4 more are to be awarded shortly in different areas of research including electrical, electronics, and computer science.  During 2010-2016 (May), 13 summer interns have worked and completed their projects in the centre. A collaborative research has been undertaken with Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT) of Sambalpur University and under the scheme  five M.Tech. students have completed their Masters thesis on Embedded Systems. One student from Amity University, Noida has also completed his thesis in MDR Cell.   One Post-doc fellow has joined in the centre in 2016.  Some of the research scholars from the MDRC have promoted for higher studies from foreign universities like National University of Singapore, Arizona State University, USA, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, etc with full fellowship.
The MDR Cell spearheaded the organisation of the 2013 Annual Convention of prestigious INAE. More than 150 INAE fellows attended the convention held in ITER.  The prestigious INAE program 5th National Frontiers of Engineering (NatFoE-5) has been conducted in MDR Cell in August 2010.  Two National Conferences on (i) Advances in Electric Power, and Energy Systems (NCEPES-2010) in October 2010 , (ii)  National Conference on Sustainable Energy, Micro, and Smart Grid Technology (NCSEMSG) in 2015 have been conducted in MDRC.  Two IEEE Conferences (i) IEEE Conference on Energy, Automation, and Signals (ICEAS-2011) in 2011 and (ii) 2015 Power, Communication, and Information technology (PCITC-2015) in 2015 have been organized by the MDRC Cell.
CPRI Project Completed by Prof. P.K. Dash:  The Director of Research, Prof. P.K. Dash has received a project of Rs. 20 lakhs on “Design and Development of a FPGA adaptive distance relay for shunt compensated flexible AC transmission system” in 2010 from Central Power Research Institute, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.  The project has been completed successfully in 2012.
Recently the MDR Cell focuses research on Renewable energy based distributed generation (Solar photovoltaic, wind generation), power system control and protection for AC/DC microgrid, forecasting, etc. 
Prof. P.K. Dash has been recognized as one of the top 10 active researchers in the area of Energy as well as in Engineering in India for his research contribution during 2009–2014 by the Department of Science and Technology, India.          

Biomedical Signal & Image Analysis: Classification of Biomedical Signals such as EEG, ECG and other signals will be attempted in this research. Blind source separation of signals is also pursued. Dr. Niva Das, Mr. Mihir Narayan Mohanty and other are currently working on this area. In Biomedical image analysis, specifically brain MR image segmentation has beenaddressed to and the team is working as the same lead by Prof. P.K. Nanda, whose doctoral thesis deals with Brain MR Image segmentation.

Fault diagnosis using the strategies of image analysis and real time implementation: Different image segmentation strategies have been developed to detect cracks in underground pipes and nuclear reactors, faults in pharmaceutical plants, bottling plants etc. In this area, collaboration already exists with ISI Kolkata; real-time implementation is currently being pursued. The principal investigator is Prof. P.K. Nanda.

Condensed Matter Physics (many-body Problems And Hi-tc Superconductor): The group consists of faculty members who have obtained Ph.D.s from reputed institutes like IITs, Institute of Physics and abroad. Currently, the group is carrying out theoretical and experimental research in the following areas :

  1. Many-body problems and hi-Tc Super Conductor.
  2. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic semiconductor for spintronics applications, metallic alloys, multi-ferroic thin films, magnetic thin films, and ferroelectric materials. This group consists of Dr. S. Mishra, Dr. S. K. Kamilla, Dr. (Mrs.) J. Nanda, Dr. V.R. Rao, Dr. P.R. Das.

Vibration And Condition Monitoring:This group is headed by Dr. H.C. Das, who supervises research scholars in vibration analysis. Besides microarray structure analysis is also being carried out and the group is led by Dr. Olga IvanovnaBylya.

Recently Prof. P.K. Dash, Director of Research has received a project of Rs. 20 lakhs on “Design and Development of a FPGA adaptive distance relay for shunt compensated flexible AC transmission system”.