Plant Biotechnology Lab

Research Overview:

  • Evaluation of immunomudulatory activity of medicinal plants.
    The study involves the possible use of essential oil of medicinal plant in diseases where the immune system is affected like cancer, AIDS and autoimmune diseases.
  • Quality evaluation of essential oil of important medicinal plants.
    Quality evaluation of essential oil of important medicinal plants like Alpinia galanga, Kaempferia galanga, Hedychium coronarium, Curcuma longa, Curcuma caesia, Pandanus odorifer, Piper betle, Zingiber zerumbet etc are being done using GC and GC-MS. Chemical fingerprinting have also been developed for essential oil of these species.
  • Evaluation of phytoremedial ability of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre under Hexavalent Chromium stress Soil conditions
    Hexavalent chromium is one of the most common hazardous environmental contaminant released from industrial sources. It possesses health risk to all forms of living organisms. The ongoing study is designed to reduce its toxicity in the environment using Pongamia pinnata (L) Pierre as a tool.

Faculty Associated:  

  • Dr. Shikha Singh, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Patitapaban Dash, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Basudeba Kar, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sanghamitra. Nayak, Professor 

Scholars Associated:

  • Swagatika Dash
  • Suprava Sahoo
  • Subhasree Singh
  • Noohi Nasim
  • Pratyush Kumar Das
  • Suryasnata Das


  1. “Evaluation of immunomodulatory activity of essential oil of some underexplored medicinal plants with emphasis on the role of different cytokines” (Supported by DST, Govt. of India funded project).

  2. Chemical and molecular profiling of kewra (Pandanus fascicularis) from various ecoregions of Odisha for selection of elites with high essential oil yield and quality. (Supported by DBT, Govt. of India funded project)


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