Semi Conductor Research lab

The Lab established in the year 2007 with the CSIR & SOA  funding, owns major equipments like Hydraulic Press with Powder Compressor Die, Hall Effect Apparatus, Four Probe Setup, Digital electronic balance, Tube annealing furnace, NIPXI-Labview and Ultrasonic cleaner etc. along with other equipments mentioned in the list; using which the major activities carried out in the lab includes

  • Growth of bulk and thin films of oxide semiconductors for Physical & Bio sensors applications.
  • Growth of III – V compound semiconductors for high speed device applications.
  • Preparation of DMS (Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors) for spintronics applications.
  • The selection of proper binary liquid mixtures to control the size of the nanoparticles.
  • Synthesis of oxide based nanoparticles (ZnO, HfO2, SnO2, TiO2, etc.) using binary liquid mixtures like alcohol and ketone group.
  • Application ofbinary liquid mixtures for the synthesis and Stabilization of Metal Nanoparticles (Au, Ag).

Thrust area of Research : Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor (DMS) and Bio- sensor.

Faculties Involved : Dr. Sushanta Kumar Kamilla, Dr. Dilip Kumar Mishra, Dr. Priyabrata Pattanaik, Dr. Pragyan Mohanty, Dr. Ranjita Mohapatra.