Thrust Areas

Biomedical Signal Image Analysis and Salient Object Detection 

Multi-functional Materials 

Molecular Cloning and characterization of novel genes 

Bio prospecting of medicinal plants 

Nano Science and Nano Materials 

Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy 

Integrating Modern Medicine with traditional Indian medicinal plants 

Theoretical High Energy Physics Phenomenology 

String Theory and Phenomenology

Bio Materials and Tissue Regeneration

Head and Neck Cancer

Bio Remediation of Industrial Waste Water 

Micro Array Data Analysis Using Data Mining Strategies 

Development of Drugs and Drugs products for CNS and Metabolic Disorders

Study of Emerging Infectious Diseases in Eastern India 

Improving the Quality of health care in health care setup; Innovative Approaches in infertility management

Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell)

Clean Energy Systems for Sustainable Development – Renewable Energy Integration in Smart grid / micro-grid / off-grid systems